Welcome to The New
Online Training Program Platform!


To access and learn more about your new platform, follow the instructions listed below. If you have questions regarding your courses, contact FSSA Headquarters at [email protected]

How To Access Your Training Program

1. Login to your FSSA profile. To access your purchased courses or periods, registered students may login to the FSSA website.

Click here to reset your password. 

2. Access training program courses by navigating to the Training Program menu item and clicking the Access Your Training Program Courses button.
Tip: Bookmark the training program platform webpage so that you can easily access your account.

3. Find your purchased courses or periods. Once you've accessed your training program, hover your mouse over the Courses drop-down menu and select Full Course List. From here, you will be able to search for the course that you left off on and any of the available courses and filter by period.

4. Add your already purchased courses to My Courses. Once you've found your courses click into the actual course you've purchased. After you have clicked a course, a yellow pop-up will appear saying "Package was added to your account" indicating that it has been added to your My Courses page. 

5. Take Your Course. Once you have accessed your courses, select the title of the specific course you'd like to take. Click on the title and you will be taken to the course presentation. 

6. Take Your Assessment. While remaining on your lesson presentation page, click on the Next: Course Assessment button on the right to begin your exam. 

Course Completion

Pausing Your Courses. If you begin a course in the new training platform and have paused your lesson, you have the ability to pick back up and resume taking it. To f
ind the courses you have already started, click on the Courses > My Course menu item, where you will be able to view and continue your courses.

Complete Courses. To find your certificates of completion, click the My Account button at the top right corner of the page. In the drop-down menu, click My Certificates, to view and download your certificates of completion.

Please note: Certificates are only available after completing the assessment of each course and/or period, with a passing score. FSSA cannot backdate certificates for any reason.

To get started on your new Online Training Program platform, click below and login!