FSSA Educational Foundation Scholarship

The FSSA Educational Foundation awards scholarships annually to talented and worthy individuals within the fire suppression industry.


Any student or college bound individual affiliated with the fire protection industry is eligible to apply.

Scholarship candidates must have graduated from high school or its equivalent before June 1 of the year in which they will use the scholarship. Scholarships will only be awarded to students who will be participating in the fire protection programs at their universities. Students already enrolled in one of these colleges are also eligible to apply.

There are no restrictions based upon employment status or the sex, race, creed, or nationality of the candidate.

Previous winners are eligible for a second award.


Academic success, interest, special abilities, financial need and other factors are considered by judges to select their choice of scholarship recipients. Judges are the board of directors for the Fire Suppression Systems Association Educational Foundation, Inc.


To be considered for a scholarship, the applicant must complete and return the scholarship application by June 1.

Download a scholarship application


The FSSA Educational Foundation scholarship fund is supported by contributions from the fire suppression industry and other business groups and individuals.

Contributions, which are tax-deductible, can be accepted at any time and in any amount.

Contributions can be made in recognition of special events or in memory of a loved one. Single contributions of $25,000 or more will be honored by an annual scholarship named after the contributor. In order to increase the number and amount of scholarships available, FSSA is seeking additional support for the foundation. Contributions should be sent online by completing this form or a check can be made out to FSSA Educational Foundation and mailed to FSSA at 3601 East Joppa Road, Baltimore, MD 21234.

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